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Help spread knowledge about Mau King and be rewarded

The more the merrier, as they say, and so is in Mau King - if we attract more players, games will be funnier to play. Therefore the initiative has started: for every share you make on any public place, forum, your Facebook status update, with a nice explanation about Mau King, or how it is played, or a simple invitation to join, you get a number of chips:

Facebook update$500 - $1000
Forum post$2000 - $3000
Something elseSurprise :)

All you need to do is send a link to the post to and you will get a message in the App when you receive your coins. The post needs to contain a link which helps others find Mau King, pick one of:

You don't know what to write? Here are some ideas:

I'm playing Mau King with strangers, but it'd be much better to play with friends! :) Join me at

Ever played Mau Mau / Crazy 8s, you know, the card game? There is an awesome version of it for Android, playing multiplayer online. Check it out at

My friends, if you don't play Mau King, I can understand why your life is so miserable! Don't worry, it is easy to fix - check it out at 😎