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New Mau King tournament cycle - 1. March - 1. May

The new tournament cycle has begun on 1st of March 2019, and will last until 1st of May 2019 02.00 AM. The regular rewards still apply, but this time we have a special reward too:

1st Place: $10.000 chips and 5.000 additional XP points
2nd Place: $5.000 chips and 3.000 additional XP points

This cycle there is a special reward for the 1st place - Mau King branded sports shoes! Here's how it works: Once the cycle is finished, the winner will get a message from Mau King inside the game with instructions how to enter the address and shoe size.

Shoes will be sent to the winner by post and will send the picture when they receive it - it will be published on our Facebook page.