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Announcing CLANS - Players united

A radical new feature is in construction at Mau King: Experienced players (Professional and higher), will be empowered to create their clans! The creator of the clan will be its Leader, responsible for accepting (or rejecting) new members. Then there will be a new tab in the leaderboard, showing the most successfull clans. Read more what other amazing features clan members will have:

  • When you win a game, you earn 102% of the normal experience. However, 4% are distributed to the members of your clan, and 98% go to you. Any time you come to the Clans window, you can see how much XP other members collected for you!
  • If the Leader of the clan leaves the clan some day, the most experienced of remaining members will be proclaimed as the Leader of the clan, responsible for accepting new members. However, the original Founder is always remembered as the Founder.

All events of a clan will be transparent to all its members. For example, in the Clans window you will be able to see incoming join-requests and whether they were approved or rejected by the Leader. You can also see how much your comrades played this week and how much XP they earned for themselves and the Clan.

There will be more options, so stay tuned and wait to see how it looks when it gets out soon!