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Mau Mau / Crazy 8s card game rules - Tournament


Tournaments are played in rounds with kicking at 81 points, and the last man standing is the Winner.

Total Prize

One tournament consists of multiple rounds. Each time someone wins a round, values of cards in hands of losers are summed up and the results are added to their total score. If anybody's total score goes above 81 points, they are dropped out of the tournament and they do not play the next round. Other players continue to play, until only one player is left, the Winner of the tournament. The first two places share the grand prize:

1st Place

2 × Buy-inChip icon

+1000 Experience point

2nd Place

+500 Experience point

Round Score

The round score of a loser is the sum of cards left in hands (see (see Card Values). The winner of the round gets a certain number of points taken off their total score, depending of the type of victory of that round:

Regular Victory


Mau Mau


Mau Mau 2 Jacks


Mau Mau 3 Jacks


Mau Mau 4 Jacks


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