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Mau Mau / Crazy 8s card game rules - Card game rules

Card game rules

Welcome to the area where we explain the card game rules of Mau Mau, by which we play in Mau King.Since you are on mobile, please use the menu iconHamburger menu icon for mobileto reach the menu and navigate around chapters.Since you are a desktop user, please use the menu on the left side to navigate around chapters. Chapters are available about primary rules, special cards and point system.

Mau Mau (or "Mau-Mau") is a card-game from the family of shedding card games and is played around the world. The basic rule is to lose all your cards first, but with the help of many special cards with special powers. You can try to remember which cards were already played, chain multiple cards in a chain, but what ever tactics you use make sure not to let anybody else finish before you. However, the most certain way to achieve that is to know all rules of the games. This section of the website contains all information you need. Enjoy reading!

Enjoy reading!