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Developing Mau King — How I switched from WebStorm to Visual Studio Code

A developer has to have a good editor. Long have gone times when a simple Vim session (split into two or three) was enough for getting the job done. In today projects where hundreds of files are interconnected and 10+ files are opened at the same time, where "Go to reference" is a must, autoformatting and much more, you need a good editing environment.

I spent most of my developing time in Web Storm, and I do not regret it. It was an awesome editor except for one thing - it used to overheat my computer almost all day. It is super super expensive in terms of CPU performance. Here is my adventure in changing from Web Storm first to Atom, then landing eventually on Visual Studio Code. It was not an easy thing to do.

Published on Nov 18 2018

Developing Mau King — React Native in Expo vs Ejected mode and how to get both at the same time

The mobile (Android) client for Mau King - for playing online multiplayer Mau Mau with the best rules ever (just saying) - was written in React Native. It is a fancy new technology that everybody wants to know nowadays. I want to provide some insight on how to make your React Native development experience even better, by talking about Expo and ejecting from the Expo mode.

One can continue working in Expo 95% of their time, and at the same time be able to publish their app to the store, link with various RN 3rd party libraries etc. In this article I am talking about how to do it by using some Git magic.

Published on Oct 8 2018

Developing Mau King — Test Driven Development of the Server

The whole server side of Mau King was written solely in Test driven manner. Not the usual "make it work, then follow with tests", but truely test-driven, write the test, then make it pass.

I expected things to go down the hill fast without tests, when taking in account a big number of card rules for Mau Mau, not to mention the multiplayer environment. So I started the TDD game, and I am so happy today that I did. This is a text in which I ponder philosophical thoughts about how it went.

Published on Sep 13 2018

Developing Mau King - Introduction

Recently Mau King came out as the new Android app on Google Play Store. It is a multiplayer Mau Mau implementation, for playing online with other people. For those who don t know, Mau Mau is the popular card game similar to (or related to) Mao, Makao, Crazy 8 s, Switch, Flaps, and Uno.™

I plan to start writing about various aspects of development of this app, from both server and client side, practical and philosophical, anyway stuff interesting to true developers and gamers.

Published on Sep 12 2018